About Pagu Fashion

Pagu Fashion started with Steffi's obsession for turning one of her favourite clothing items, the hoodie, into unique, glamorous fashion pieces without compromising on comfort. She was simply tired and bored of mainstream hoodies that all look the same.

So, we started to create our first collection of jackets designed to make women look and feel unique, and sensual, and at the same time have exceptional quality and the most comfortable fit. We could talk forever about the time and passion that went into designing each piece of this collection, but, to put a long story short, you will not find a comparable product in the market for women's hoodies.

Our collections are split into two: Sequin and Lace. All Sequin styles are created from the most tantalising sequin products combined with soft cotton blends in order to ensure the most sparkly appearance and the most comfortable fit.

We named our Lace collection Hanako, which means Flower Child and there is a good reason for that: All of our exquisite lace designs feature unique flower patterns. What makes the Hanako range even more unique is the fact that all of our lace jackets are made from the highest quality bridal and lingerie lace making their touch like a second skin.


Steffi Schleimer
Founder & CEO